Discipline Procedures

We believe as a school community to set our environment and students for success by being preventative and proactive in our approach. Preventative strategies we utilize can include, but are not limited to, effective room arrangement, relationship building, common and clear expectations, teaching expectations, repetition and review of new skills, etc. When problem behavior(s) occur, staff take an educative response by providing effective reminding language, practicing and reviewing opportunities, reteaching, modeling, etc. in order to support student success. If problem behavior becomes repetitive, we focus more on individualized approaches such as conferences with the student, individual problem solving, conferences with student and family, recommendation to our targeted support team, or other appropriate and supportive measures. Through these approaches, we collect and analyze data to determine changes and supports that would be appropriate for continued success. Partnering with families along the way is a valued piece of this process. The figure below is a general illustration of our processes for responding to behavioral concerns:

Team Approach and Family Collaboration

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